An analysis of jfk assassination witnesses in the motorcade

Was it put on a flatbed or covered with a tarp until a forensic exam could be conducted by the DPD? CST on Sunday, November Since Channel II was sound activated and recorded intermittently, we obtain a lower bound on the time between these two transmissions by timing the tape between them.

The answer is no. Yes, they were shooting a movie that day. Either Oswald did it, or he was set up. Pay him the 2 million dollars!

Joe was also involved in the repeal of the Prohibition. Kennedy decided to travel to Texas to smooth over frictions in the Democratic Party between liberals Ralph Yarborough and Don Yarborough no relation and conservative John Connally.

Having won on appeal twice, Morley argues that the standard practice of the U. Bowers testified that one or both of the men were still there when motorcycle officer Clyde Haygood ran up the grassy knoll to the back of the fence. We began by making sound spectrograms of two of the later proposed matching sections of speech.

And that is why you see so few people. No, that is not his real name! As discussed in Appendix B-1, the probability of obtaining such close agreement by random occurrence of the features at their observed average spacing would be about 2.

Socrates saw democracy as a tool for the Ruling Elite to escape responsibility.

John F. Kennedy assassination Dictabelt recording

Has he asked that the nearest hospital be alerted? Kennedy returned to her seat, and he clung to the car as it exited Dealey Plaza and accelerated, speeding to Parkland Memorial Hospital.

Recall that arbitrary Channel I elapsed-time units were used for the first set of measurements made on the Bowles tapes. It is with sadness that I report the death of the most vital witness to the Kennedy assassination limousine, Mr. Suspicious of this activity, Brewer watched Oswald continue up the street and slip into the nearby Texas Theatre without paying.

Hidell" and delivered to a post office in Dallas where Oswald had rented a post-office box. Enemy of the Truth Sherry Fiester is a retired certified senior crime scene investigator and law enforcement instructor with more than 30 years of experience.

And they were afraid to let us all know about it. He was one of Nixon?


In addition, because of the design of the limo, not only could Kellerman not vault into the back seat to protect JFK because of the center partition and the jumpseats, but, although he claimed he heard JFK speak which Jackie and Nellie denied Kellerman was unable to communicate with the passengers, nor they with him.

The book draws from many hard-to-find sources of information.A few misconceptions in both Sorenson’s and Mack’s interpretations. Shelley is photographed shortly after the assassination wearing a. Grassy Knoll Witnesses The Essential JFK Assassination Book and E–Book Find out more in the book, a readable and fully referenced account of the JFK assassination.

The JFK Assassination

To this very day, the official CIA filming of the JFK Assassination (the real film, not the morphed Zapruder-hoax tripod-taken film) is used in some special observation group (e.g.

special ops, SOG) training classes on how to carry out a successful triangulated political assassination. 35 thoughts on “ THE MISSING BULLET IN THE JFK ASSASSINATION ” Don Robinson November 22, at am.

Hi Garry – Just wondering what your thoughts are regarding the violent backward head snap after the head shot that is.

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

JFK: Report of the Committee on Ballistic Acoustics. National Academy of Sciences; acoustical evidence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy: Does acoustical evidence prove conspiracy in the JFK assassination? Miles Mathis proposes a gamechanging theory that JFK was a diabolical Elitist, and not being content with the love and trust the American people endeared him with, faked his death and took the *REAL* American Presidency underground, ruling .

An analysis of jfk assassination witnesses in the motorcade
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