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Lying by the end of the bed was a white sundress — I remembered my mother wore it the day before, when she and Dad went somewhere special for their anniversary. He closed his eyes, and gave a small smile. I did not know who she was. I am a boy, it cried wretchedly. He did not see, but I thought he heard it fall, and he took my hand from behind, holding it tight in his own.

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Reviews will be much appreciated. I have to go at seven. His shirt ruffled in the same breeze, as did his deep red hair.

Last Exile (TV)

His arms would find their way around me, and his lips would press soft upon mine. I closed my eyes, and smiled through my own tears — eternal, I vainly wished, in this moment my presence was of such importance to him; eternal in this moment I was right next to him, even though I would not know — ever — where in his past I had been, or where in his future he wanted me to be.

In the sunlight that fell though the open windows his hair glistened, like threads of garnet spun through gold. I fought back more tears, even as my eyes were exhausted from all that happened the night before.

His breaths caressed the back of my neck, shuddering slightly. Our fire-breathing dragon would reign the entire sky. The sea was blue again. I hated the way the mattress sunk under his weight.

Shuntaro Okino Lyrics

He touched his smile against my knuckle, and whispered four words into a question. His breaths caressed the back of my neck, shuddering slightly.


In the fearfully empty space of chairs and tables and of the fans turning on the ceiling high, high above, we stood against their woven webs of light and shadow, all alone. He was gone, before I could tell him the answer to my own question in the dream.

Vaguely inspired by a song of the same title by Shuntaro Okino, and by a little scene in Jealous? London Bridge is falling down, Falling down, falling down, London Bridge is falling down, My fair lady. His head was low as he stepped back, estranged, guiding my hand back by my side, and I never saw his eyes.

When he fell asleep amidst his fleet of signals, I spelled out the Morse Code alphabet all over his face.this page is an archive from another wiki and the original OP will probably not be answering questions or updating unless by some chance they stumble upon it.

Indian Rope名義の楽曲は、当時の自宅スタジオである河口湖Pheasant Studioにて製作され、 「All tracks: Composed(またはWritten), Arranged, Performed, Mixed and Produced by Shuntaro Okino as INDIAN ROPE at Pheasant Studio」、またはこれに同等のクレジットが全リリースに見られるように. The music for Last Exile was created by Dolce Triade, Shuntaro Okino, and Hitomi Kuroishi.

Contents[show] Last Exile O.S.T. Details Format: Album Japanese Release Date: 6/21/ North American Soundtracks | Last Exile | FANDOM powered by Wikia. The latest Tweets from Sunghie Park Okino (@edthgts). Irvine Unified Dept. of Prevention & Intervention.

Former principal at Los Alamitos (LAE Tigers). Passionate learner.

Shuntaro Okino Lyrics

Follow/Fav Skywriting. By: redexted. Vaguely inspired by a song of the same title by Shuntaro Okino, and by a little scene in Jealous?, a fic by songbirdjen. Mild M/M slash. Skywriting. A sanctuary, for two different people, brought together at one precious moment in life.

A collection of 2 Shuntaro Okino lyrics including Cloud Age Symphony, Skywriting.

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Shuntaro okino skywriting a life
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