The caste system essay

But now the case is changing with technological advancement. Origin and History of Caste System in India There are many theories relating to the origin of caste system in the country. Critique essay about the story of keesh fighting publication dissertation verlag das.

Article 14 of the constitution guarantees equality before law. The democratic Government in India has taken many steps to improve the condition of the low caste people.

Caste is embedded in the Indian Social Structure: The Brahmins are at the top of the caste hierarchy and comprise of scholars and priests. The Vaisyas did the trade and commerce. However, a number of social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy and various others gave their entire life working towards opposing evil practices and educating masses.

But gradually, the Brahmins imposed their superiority on other castes. Therefore, intellectuals became the sole repository of religion; that means they beacuse the priestly class also.

Caste System Essay

A caste has divisions, based on endogamy within a sub-group and is called sub-castes. Caste system has prevailed for ages and arranges the people into social strata or classes. Caste-related violence has also been witnessed by the country after independence.

The origin of caste system in India is attributed to the functional division of labor. The next in line are Kshatriyas who are regarded to be soldiers and political leaders. Caste system becomes an obstruction in the growth of the people and nation.

It is believed that the Aryans, who possessed fair skin, came from northern Asia and southern Europe that contrasted with the indigenous natives of India. National development and advancement gets hindered due to the deep rooted caste system.

Caste System in India

What made the caste system rigid was the religious sanctity given to it in the later scriptures. Article 15 2 of the constitution mandates that no citizen shall be subjected to any disability and restriction on grounds of race or caste.

Higher classes look down upon the lower classes due to the rigidity of the caste system. This system finds its roots in the ancient times and has undergone change over the time. It is the strongest in the Hindi belt and the southern states, while it is weakest in the north0east across the Brahmaputra.

Even a least talented person had the opportunity earn his living. This results in hindering the national unity. Select Page Caste System Essay Caste system is a social evil that is present in the Indian society since the ancient times.

The Caste System and the United States Essay

However, this internal cohesion became a defend when it also meant exclusiveness in relation to other sections of the population. As per the Hindu theologians, on the other hand, the system initiated with Brahma, the Hindu God who is known as the creator of the universe.

Caste system prevents labor mobility. This was nothing peculiar to India. While a few of these theories are historical, some are religious or biological. When all the castes did their respective works, harmony was established in society. Value chain analysis starbucks essays on poverty 1 ableitung einer funktion beispiel essay all about eve movie essay on malcolm are actors and professional athletes overpaid essay babson supplement essay word limit for abstract religious toleration dbq essay my village essay in gujarati language jokes pronabolin research paper short essay on religion and politics.

These comprise of the street sweepers or cleaners. Here are some simple yet informative essays of varying word lengths on the caste system in India to help you perform better in your class.

Another element of caste is the complex of taboos by which the superior castes try to preserve their ceremonial purity and all in general try to avoid occurrence of evils, believed to exist in every person. Therefore, intellectuals became the sole repository of religion; that means they beacuse the priestly class also.

The country still struggles with the problem of the caste system. The so-called upper castes held the leadership positions in society, religion, and economy of the nation. Essay on Caste System in India Article shared by Essay on Caste System in India — The caste system, the joint family system and the village system of life — are often regarded as the three basic pillars of the Indian social system.

The people of these classes derive their livelihood from specific occupations and the children born in their families follow the suit, acquiring the appropriate occupation as per their caste or jati, thus, maintaining the hierarchical ranking of occupations and hereditary occupational specialization.

It presented Hindu society from being swamped by foreign cultures or being absorbed them. Economists term it as division of labour. Though, people from the lower classes are still not respected in the society as the government offers several benefits to them.Essay On The Caste System In India Article shared by The caste system in India has been affecting the life of Indians for the last years although there was a little weakening of the system as long as Mahatma Gandhi’s spell lasted in India.

Caste System in India Essay 4 ( words) Caste System in India divides people into four different categories – Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. It is believed that these groups came into being from Brahma, the Hindu God of creation. The Caste System Of India - The Caste system in India By Ruchita Patel Professor Weingart Religions of the World 11 November The Caste system in India India is known for the diversity of the Caste System with different languages, different religious traditions, practices and a system of beliefs.

The main features of the caste system are: 1. Endogamy and Heredity: A person born in a caste remains in it for life until his death. And, since caste pf a person is determined by birth, his children also remain in it. This provides caste system with rigidity in structure.

Indian Caste System Essay. Indian Caste System Caste is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as one of the hereditary social classes in Hinduidm, which is also a division in society based on wealth, inherited rank, or occupation, and allows little mobility out of the position to which a person is born.

At present caste system is discouraged in India, its root was very strong in ancient India. The ancient Aryans started the system.

They divided the society into four castes such as Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Shudra. This division was made on the basis of the work which the Aryans did.

The caste system essay
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